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AI-Writer Review: Fully Detailed Review [Amazing Enough?]

AI Writer Review Fully Detailed Review Amazing Enough

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For the article’s writers looking for an exceptional experience with writing, AI Writer might be the best AI writing app out there.

AI Writer is, at its heart, an AI-powered fanciful way of saying intelligent content-writing tools that you can use to create entire blog posts and long-form articles utilizing the speed of artificial intelligence.

As long as you have got a specific subject in mind, it is also pretty easy to generate content with AI-Writer.

You are given lots of different options that will help you to create content.

Despite being a copywriting app, AI Writer also offers rewording capabilities for your content.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at all the features that AI-Writer has to offer.

So, let’s get started!
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What Is Ai-Writer?

What Is Ai Writer

AI-Writer is a writing assistant that uses artificial intelligence to help you write faster and better. It provides writing suggestions, search engine optimization, and rewriting.

In simple words, it is an online content generation platform that can generate articles in a few minutes. It only requires a headline as input, and the resulting content is impressive.

Not only that, but AI-Writer considers SEO while writing content. That means the output will be more optimized and will rank better on search engines.

In addition, AI-Writer can also reword existing articles. This is a great way to create new content from old content which is an added benefit.

It is mainly used by bloggers, content writers, and even by students.

In short, It AI-based writing platform offering a variety of tools and features to content writers. AI-Writer helps copywriters with a lot of different tasks and produces far better content than other writing apps.

It may be a way to motivate you to write if you are feeling less than creative, or if you need to produce lots of articles fast. While the tool’s interface is fairly responsive and easy to navigate, the time it takes for AI-Writer to produce expected results is pretty short.

So, if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to generate content, then AI-Writer is the perfect solution.

How Ai-Writer Works?

AI content generator is a piece of software that automates one or more steps of a process for producing written content.

AI writing software refers to software tools that utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to accelerate and support the writing process for high-quality human-written content.

One of the best options is AI Writer, a cloud-based writing assistant using artificial intelligence to help you produce content that is well-written and topical. Regardless of which approach is used, using an AI content generator can help increase the quality and precision of your content, freeing time for your human writers to concentrate on more difficult tasks.

AI-Writer produces original content, It starts with a google search and then extracts the best result for you.

It is suited to SEO content writers, who have no time for in-depth research to write articles, build, and market content.

How To Use Ai-Writer to Generate Content?

How To Use Ai Writer to Generate Content

While the functions of an AI writer are many lots and it can be used for different purposes, the core idea behind this tool is to produce an entire article within minutes.

This AI writer tool does not generate content only, but it creates SEO-optimized and high-quality content.

The biggest benefit of using AI content writing tools is it provides an opportunity to generate and publish more content in less time.

Using AI-Writer is pretty easy, the app’s interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand.

First, you need to sign up for an account, and then you can start using the app’s features.

Once signed in, you will be able to use ai text generator, you just need to:

  • Write the headline of your article in the search box.
  • Select the word count (up to 1200 words).
  • Click on “Write Article“.

You can either write a headline or upload a bulk of headlines and generate separate articles for each headline simultaneously.

So, this was a quick guide on how you can use AI-Writer to generate articles.

Sign up for the free trial and try AI-Write yourself.

The Main Features Of Ai-Writer

The Main Features Of Ai Writer

AI writer offers a wide range of features that can help you to improve your content quality and quantity.

Let’s list some of the main features of this AI-Writer:

Research and Write

The biggest benefit of using an AI content writing tool is it provides an opportunity to generate long-form content within 2 minutes.

When you use the app to generate an article, AI-Writer will create a written article draft and an SEO-focused editor.

In the written article draft, you will get a well-researched article and each generated information will be followed by the source text.

Also, at the end of the draft, you will show you cited sources.

It also gives you the estimated uniqueness that how much your content is unique from others.

In the SEO-focused editor, will show the article without citations, and you can edit the final article.

SEO editor has a search engine optimization function built in that will help you to improve your article’s ranking.

The app will also suggest you related keywords that you can use in your article to make it more SEO-friendly.

Text Rewording

If you want to generate an article from scratch, then you can use the “Text Rewording” feature of this app.

Where you can write the text or paste it, and type headlines to guide the generator.

Then, click “Rewrite the Text” and AI-Writer will automatically rewrite it for you.

It also offers an option to set the word count for your article.

You can add ignore tags to protect parts of input from rewording or cleaning. Example, <ignore>HEADLINE</ignore>

SEO Editor

You can use this feature to create a new empty SEO document.

It will help you to optimize your article for search engines by showing real-time results of your changes.

It will also suggest you related keywords that you can use in your article to make it more relevant.

All you need to do is enter the keyword you rank for. Then, click on “New SEO Document“.

This feature is helpful if you want to improve your article’s ranking for a specific keyword.

Subtopic Discover

It helps you to figure out what subtopic you should write about.

To start, just write the topic you want to write about and click the “Find Subtopic” button.

It will show you list of subtopics related to your topic.

Feel free to select the ones you want to write about and click the “Write Articles” button.

This feature helps you during the brainstorming phase when you are trying to figure out what to write about.

Publish to WordPress

This feature allows you to directly upload your generated articles to WordPress automatically.

You just need to click “Publish to WordPress” and click on add button.

Then, follow the steps in order to connect your WordPress account:

  • Enter the URL of the WordPress installation.
  • Write the username of the WordPress user.
  • Create an Application password.
  • Click on the “Create” button.

Finally, to upload an article only check the “Upload” box.

This feature is helpful if you want to quickly publish your articles to WordPress.

Merge Articles

This feature allows you to create long text by merging multiple smaller articles. To use this feature, from “SEO Editor”.

Select the article you want to merge with and click on the “Merge” Icon.

Then, you can select the articles you want to merge, you can also rearrange the order of the articles by dragging and dropping them.

Finally, click on the “Append to” button.

This feature is helpful if you want to quickly create a long article by merging multiple shorter articles.

Source Summarizer

AI-Writer is also a summarization tool that can take a given topic as input and output a summary of the site’s content.

This can be useful for getting a quick overview of a topic or for research purposes.

The tool is designed to be quick and easy to use so that users can get the information they need without spending a lot of time reading through long, dense texts.

AI-Writer can also generate summaries of the top 20 websites so that users can get information from a variety of sources.

You just need to write a query to analyze and click on “Summarize Source“.

Then, the tool will give you the summary of that query in a minimum time.

Verifiable Citations

AI-Writer provides a list of citations and sources for you to inspect for accuracy manually.

So you can make sure that you always use accurate information to generate content, whether it’s for yourself or your clients.

The Pros And Cons Of Ai-Writer


  • It can generate accurate, relevant, and high-quality content in two minutes.
  • It can use to create outlines of blogs from scratch.
  • It can generate unique content.
  • AI-Write can rewrite the article.
  • Generate SEO-friendly content.
  • It helps you save up to 50% of your time.
  • It helps writers brainstorm ideas for their articles and content.
  • It is very quick and substantially faster than human writers.
  • It can write different sizes of articles.
  • You can download the generated articles as TXT.
  • AI-Writer is integrated with WordPress.
  • API access is available but it is still in its alpha stage.
  • It offers a 7-day trial.
  • By providing citations, you can ensure that the information is accurate and of high quality.
  • Simple user interface.


  • There are no ready-to-use templates.
  • Sometimes the generated content can’t be understood.
  • It is recommended to double-check the content before publishing it.
  • No free plan

Ai-Writer Pricing

AI-Writer offers three plans:


  • For $29 per month.
  • It is useful for solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs.
  • It allows you to write up to 40 articles.
  • It enables 1 user.
  • AI Text Generator.
  • SEO Editor.
  • Text Rewording.
  • Subtopic Discoverer.
  • Source Summarizer.
  • API Access.
  • Publish to WordPress.
  • Get two months free if you subscribe for a year.


Plus all the Basic Plan’s features, it is:

  • For $59 per month.
  • It can help freelancers write oodles of content each month.
  • Up to 150 articles.


Plus all the above features:

  • For $375 per month.
  • Up to 10 users.
  • For everyone with some serious demand for fresh content.
  • Up to 1000 articles.

The Future of AI Writing Tools:

Nowadays, AI essay writers can be considered a type of writing assistant since artificially generated content helps cut hours of manual labor.

AI writing is already at the point of being able to generate content or edit content, and within the next few years, it is likely to be producing full forms of content, with little to no human input.

With advances in AI writing programs, some professional writers are concerned that they may lose their jobs.

Instead, you are better off using AI writers as an assistant for your AI writers, rather than as replacements for your human content writers.

To be honest, ai content generation tools don’t replace human writers- they simply help content writers get out of writers’ blocks and produce ideas for content on a large scale.

By paying for AI writers, these tools can help generate blog posts far faster than you would typically be able to write them yourself.

In Conclusion: Is Ai-Writer Worth Considerations?

AI writer is dedicated to providing you with unique and accurate content that is ready to be used easily and quickly.

One of the best things about AI-Writer is that it can generate unique content. This is thanks to the fact that the app uses artificial intelligence to understand what you’re looking for and then creates content accordingly.

Another great thing about AI-Writer is that it takes SEO into account when creating your articles. This means that your articles will be more likely to rank high in search engines, which is great if you’re looking to generate traffic to your website.

The app also has a rewrite feature, which allows you to take existing articles and give them a new spin. This is great if you are an article writer and want to create fresh content without having to start from scratch.

Overall, AI-Writer is a great content generation platform that offers a lot of features.

If you need fresh content, or if you want to give your existing content a new spin, then the AI-Writer app is definitely worth considering.
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Does Ai-Writer multi-languages?

Though Ai-Writer only supports English, by the way, a lot of customers use a translation engine to get content in other languages.

How many words can I generate per article with Ai-Writer?

Unfortunately, the 900-1200 word limit has been determined to be the sweet spot in the study. The quality of the output drops as more words are added. If you discover that you’re less than this, it’s possible that the AI couldn’t locate enough source material to utilize for your request.

Is it possible to use the generated content on my website?

Feel free to utilize the generated text messages in any manner you choose if you are a paying client.

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