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Jasper AI Review – Most Advance AI Or…least? [2023 Update]

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Are you a blogger and suffer from writer’s block?

Or do you have a business and need to hire a content writer but you don’t have enough money for that?

Maybe you are a marketer and want to create copies that’ll help you reach your target audience?

If so, jasper ai might be the right tool for you.

Jasper AI is a content creation tool created to help writers, marketers, and businesses. It allows users to easily create high-quality content without any prior experience or writing skills.

The service also offers a variety of features designed to help users generate leads and drive conversions from their content.

In this Jasper AI review, we will evaluate jasper ai as a content creation tool, describe the features of the service, give you our verdict on whether it’s a good investment for marketers and businesses, and much more.

So, let’s get started!

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What is Jasper AI?

What is Jasper AI
What is Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence platform that can help everyone create better content 10x faster. It also allows content creators to generate different pieces of content across all channels (web, social media, email marketing campaigns) and increase engagement rates.

Jasper is trusted by 100,000+ marketers at companies including IBM, Google, Amplitude, PROMO, and much more.

Using Jasper allows you to unlock your creative potential by brainstorming new ideas, writing copy and content that converts, generating 10x faster content, and more and more.

Moreover, according to the official website, Jasper has been rated as the #1 AI platform for creators and marketing teams.

Jasper AI Company and Founders?

Jasper or Jarvis is a startup that helps anyone who struggles to write content and break through writer’s block. It offers a platform, tools, and support so businesses can create high-quality content, measure its effectiveness, and distribute it effectively across all channels.

Jasper was founded in 2020 by Dave Rogenmoser and John Philip Morgan. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Jasper has raised a total of $131M in funding over 3 rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Oct 18, 2022, from a Series A round. Jasper’s investors are 11 including Founders Circle Capital and Insight Partners.

How does Jasper AI Work?

JasperAI uses GPT-3 technology which was created by OpenAI. GPT-3 is a computer intelligence tool that uses natural language processing, reinforcement learning, and novel deep learning architectures to autonomously generate writing.

JasperAI can help write content for social media posts, ad copy, blog post ideas, email copywriting campaigns…the list goes on!

Although Jasper uses complicated techniques, it is easy to use and does not need any specialized knowledge.

The Key Features of Jasper AI?

Jasper ai offers a wide range of features that help you scale your business in a more efficient way.

Some of the most notable features include:

50+ Templates

50 Templates
50 Templates

With Jasper, you will get high-quality copies written fast, it offers over 50 pre-made templates that cover different use cases, including:

  • Text Summarizer: To obtain the key points from a text.
  • Paragraph Generator: Produce paragraphs that will delight your readers.
  • AIDA Framework: Use the most senior marketing framework in the world. Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.
  • Product Description: generate influential product descriptions to be used on websites, emails, and social media.
  • Creative Story: create creative stories to engage your readers.
  • Blog Post Topic Ideas: Brainstorm new blog post topics that will engage readers and rank well on Google.
  • Blog Post Outline: Create lists and outlines for essays. Performs best for “Listicle” and “How to” style blog posts or essays.
  • Blog Post Intro Paragraph: Introduce the topic of your blog post.
  • Company Bio.
  • Google Ads Headline.
  • Amazon Product Description (paragraph).
  • Email Subject Lines.
  • Video Description.
  • SEO – Blog Posts – Title and Meta Descriptions.
  • and much more.

You can view all templates here.

25+ Languages

25 Languages
25 Languages

Jasper allows you to write content in over 25 languages, this feature is very important for content creators who want to write content in any language that is not their native language, it helps them to reach a global audience.

So, you can use jasper to write content in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more. It will be your writer assistant that can write any content like a native. The generated output will be better in terms of grammar and syntax.

Surfer SEO Integration

Surfer SEO Integration
Surfer SEO Integration

Jasper is integrated with Surfer SEO to help you write content fast that ranks on page 1 on Google. With surfer SEO integration you will get better experience writing copy for your website. You don’t have to write long content pieces, jasper will take care of it for you by writing catchy titles and meta descriptions that will help improve the organic search traffic on your website.

Moreover, Surfer will give your content a grade of 100%, it will also provide you with a list of keywords and other parameters that you should focus on when writing your content.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat
Jasper Chat

Nowadays, You may hear about Chat-Gpt the AI revolutionary chatbot that changes the way of research on the internet. However, Jasper offers a chatbot feature too.

Jasper Chat is the perfect way to have a natural conversation with AI. It’s easy to use, and you can get help from your chatbot anytime you need it. Just type a question into the chatbox and let Jasper take care of the rest!

You’ll be surprised at how naturalistic the conversation feels – almost as if you’re talking to a friend!

Jasper AI chatbot will help you revise and improve your content by generating ideas for new topics or refining existing ones.

Not only that, Jasper chat can make you smile by telling jokes and much more.

Jasper AI Art Generator

Jasper AI Art Generator
Jasper AI Art Generator

Surprises with Jasper never end, as recently Jasper AI has announced its new and next revolutionary creative product – Jasper Art.

Now, you can use Jasper to create mind-blowing art, images, and illustrations that are exactly what you want for your blog post, Facebook ad, website, or even just for fun to share with your friends.

So, you don’t have to waste time searching for the perfect image or illustration online.

Just describe to jasper what you want, and he will make it for you.


Commands in Jasper are the way to tell him what you want to write. Jasper understands an unlimited number of commands. You just need to write a command and press Ctrl+Enter Or write a command preceded by a “>”.

Let’s list examples of some useful commands:

  • You can ask Jasper to specifically include a word or term in the content he generates.

> Generate some blog titles with the term {Golden Retriever}

  • If you need jasper to write more specifically to your audience, ask Jarvis to include the audience in your command.

>Write an introduction paragraph about {dogs going to heaven} for {Golden Retriever owners}.

  • If the outline was boring, you can ask jasper to write a detailed outline about your topic.

>Write a detailed outline for a blog about {Golden Retrievers going to Heaven}.

  • Ask Jarvis to write a step-by-step guide.

>Write a step-by-step guide on {preparing your dog for heaven}.

  • Want jasper to write a certain way, you can include the tone of voice in the command.

>Write a convincing argument about {how dogs will go to heaven} in the tone of voice of {Judge Judy}.

  • Ask Jaspe to summarize something.

>Summarize this blog.

  • Ask Jasper to run any template in your command.

>Write an AIDA framework for {why Golden Retrievers go to Heaven}.

  • Ask Jasper for a list.

>List out the types of {animals that will go to heaven and why}.

and more and more, those were a bit of the actual power of jasper, you can try any command you want by yourself.

So, why not give Jasper a chance to impress you with his potential?

Jasper AI Recipes

Jasper AI Recipes
Jasper AI Recipes

Recipes in Jasper will revolutionize and speed up your writing production.

In Jasper Community Recipes, you can see different recipes that are made by Jasper’s users. For example, the recipe above is created by Dave Rogenmoserto -The CEO and Co-founder of Jasper- to help you write an entire long-form blog post in 5 minutes. All you need to do is go line by line running these different commands from top to bottom to produce the result you want and you will see that this will absolutely improve your workflow.

Other features:

Jasper also offers other important features to make your AI writing experience perfect, including:

  • Browser extension.
  • Autosave.
  • Word Count.
  • Plagiarism Checker Access.
  • Grammarly.
  • Document Sharing.
  • Revision History.
  • Project Folders.
  • Teams and Collaborations.
  • Jasper AI API.

How to Use Jasper AI?

Using Jasper ai is quite simple, you just need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a Template.

Step 1 Choose a Template
Step 1 Choose a Template
  • After you subscribe to jasper and sign in you will directly see Jasper’s dashboard where are the templates that you can use. 
  • You don’t need to worry about creating a template- jasper takes care of everything. Just pick the one you want to use and start writing!

Step 2: Input Your Description.

Step 2 Input Your Description
Step 2 Input Your Description
  • Once you have picked a template, fill out the description and jasper will take care of the rest. 
  • Jasper AI is a tool that helps you write faster, so be sure to give a good description for your post. This will help readers understand what your blog post is about and encourage them to read further.

Step 3: Generate AI Content.

Step 3 Generate AI Content
Step 3 Generate AI Content
  • Click on “Generate”, then, Jasper will generate the content for you. 
  • You can edit the generated content, check the information, add images, or change the format.
  • Once you are happy with the result you can copy and publish it.

The Pros and Cons

Like any other ai assistant writing tool, Jasper has its own weaknesses and strengths. Let’s mention each of them separately:


  • A wide range of features and capabilities.
  • Over 50 templates for various use cases.
  • Support 25 languages.
  • Generate original content.
  • Bootcamp and training.
  • Active community.
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface.
  • Pricing suits everyone.
  • Produce long-form content in one click.
  • The Generated content is SEO optimized.


  • Sometimes, Jasper may repeat himself.
  • GPT-3 Technology was trained on 10% of the Internet.
  • You need to check the generated content.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI Pricing
Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI offers two different pricing plans that will actually suit the needs of almost any user:

Boss Mode

It is perfect for individuals and small teams, it offers features like:

  • The cost starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words.
  • 50+ AI templates.
  • Google docs style editor.
  • Jasper Chat.
  • Using Jasper Commands.
  • Generate long-form content.
  • Live chat support.
  • Chrome extension.
  • Documents.
  • SEO Mode.
  • Using Recipes.
  • Plagiarism checker access.
  • Grammarly.


The Business plan is ideal for large businesses and growing teams, the features of this plan are all boss mode’s features, plus:

  • The pricing is custom and depends on your use, it starts at $499 per month.
  • Support more than 5 users.
  • Custom AI templates.
  • Workspace admin features.
  • Document sharing and permissions.
  • Personalized onboarding and training.
  • Dedicated account manager.

Does Jasper AI Worth the Consideration?

Based on the above Jasper AI review, the tool is definitely a contender for the best ai assistant writing tools.

Despite its weaknesses, it certainly offers a lot of capabilities that are hard to find in other AI writing tools, making it a very good option for those who need more than just basic functionality.

Overall, though, if you’re looking for an ai assistant writing tool that has many features at an affordable price then Jasper AI is certainly worth the subscription fees.

So, start your Jasper AI free trial now with 10,000 free words here!


Will AI writing assistants Replace Human writers?

No, AI writing assistant tools are created to help human writers save time and energy, not to replace them. They will help human writers focus on performing tasks that no one else can do.

Can I Use Jasper AI for Free?

No, Jasper doesn’t offer a free plan, but it offers a 5-days free trial to try all the boss plan’s features.

Does the generated content plagiarism free?

Yes, the generated content is plagiarism free.

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