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Resemble AI Review: Delightful AI Voices Generator!

Resemble AI Review Delightful AI Voices Generator

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From the emergence of chatbots to the launch of voice-powered digital assistants, artificial intelligence is all over our lives in every possible way.

While AI has brought with it a host of benefits, there are some concerns that we need to address sooner rather than later. That’s because most people find AI impersonal, mechanical, and even creepy at times.

So how can you make your user experience more human and natural with less latency?

We’ve got the answer!

Resemble AI is a new artificial intelligence voice generator that will help you create custom audio files for your virtual assistant app or any AI-driven project you have in mind.

In this Resemble AI review, we’ll take a close look at all the features that this powerful tool has to offer.

We’ll also provide a step-by-step guide on how to use Resemble AI to create your own AI voice and many more – so keep reading to find out more!

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What is Resemble AI?

What is Resemble AI

Resemble AI is a voice generator that allows you to create human-like voiceovers in just a few seconds.

You can use these voices in all your AI-driven or voice-driven projects online.

For example, you can use them to talk to your customers on your website, create voice-based games, or even add some life to your Assistant!

Resemble AI also gives you total creative freedom and variety in creating synthetic voices.

So you can create any type of voice you want, from male and female to child and alien voices – the choice is all yours!

Resemble AI is trusted by some of the biggest brands in the world, such as:

  1. Boingo
  3. Speechify
  4. BYJU’S
  5. and much more.

It’s not hard to see why! With its easy-to-use interface, high-quality voice output, and wide range of options, Resemble AI is the perfect tool for anyone who needs human-like voices for their AI projects.

Resemble is currently available in more than 35 languages such as English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, and German.

The developers are trying to add more languages soon!

How does Resemble AI work?

Resemble AI uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to create human-like voices.

The voices you can create with Resemble AI use advanced AI technology and natural-sounding neural network algorithms to synthesize human-like vocal data.

This means that you get the best of both worlds: beautiful and neutral voices that sound natural and human-like yet are entirely synthetic.

The voices you create with Resemble AI are completely synthetic and are based on your own settings and preferences.

With Resemble AI, you get to pick the gender, age, pitch, speed, and even the language and accent of your new AI voice.

The generated voices are natural and realistic, and they can be used for a variety of purposes such as creating audiobooks, making phone calls, or adding voiceovers to videos.

How to create a voice with Resemble AI?

Creating a voice with Resemble AI is quick and easy!

Simply sign up for a free trial, and then you can either select to record your own AI voice or choose a pre-built voice from the marketplace.

If you want to use the pre-built voice, you need to:

  1. Create a new project.
  2. Write text into the text editor.
  3. Select the voice.
  4. Click the play button on the right to hear how the generated-voices sound.

You can also add effects to the voice like emphasis, emotions, and many more. 

However, if you want to build your own AI voice, it’s recommended to speak clearly with a good microphone and no background noise.

You need a minimum of 25 samples to train your own voice.

Once you have enough samples, an enhanced AI model will build your AI voice.

It takes about 12 minutes of data submission to build voices. Then, you can use your AI voice for anything you want.

Resemble AI Features (Amazing!)

What are the Key Features of Resemble AI

Resemble AI offers a wide range of features for creating voiceovers you can choose from.

Some of the key features of Resemble AI include:

Voice Creation

Resemble’s voice generator is able to create human-like voiceovers by using text-to-speech technology. This means that it can take written words and turn them into speech that sounds like a real person.

The voice generator is powered by machine learning algorithms that have analyzed millions of hours of real human speech. This helps to create a more realistic and natural-sounding voiceover.

AI-Generated Text

The Resemble AI tool is also able to generate Well-written text to use in seconds. The text generation is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.

This feature can be extremely useful for creating copy for your AI voices. And helps you to create text that is more lifelike and accurate.

It’s very easy to generate text using Resemble AI, it offers three different categories to write about advertising, dialogue, and helpdesk.

You just need to give it a little description and then click on the ai text generate button in the text editor.


The best thing about this app is that it can convert speech to speech in real time.

This means that you can use it for gaming, film, e-learning, and more.

Resemble provides an API that allows you to rapidly build production-ready integrations with modern tools. This allows you to create immersive, real-time, low latency Voice Conversion experiences.

Voice Cloning

With Resemble AI, you can create your own voice clone by recording your speaking or uploading a voice.

This is a great way to create custom voices that sound humanlike for use in games, videos, and other projects.

It’s very easy to create a voice clone with Resemble AI, you just need to record a short clip of your speech.

Once you have recorded your clip, the AI will analyze it and then create a custom voice that sounds like you.

Real-Time APIs Access

This feature is very important for developers who want to use the system for their own projects. The API Access allows developers to connect their own applications to the Resemble AI system in order to generate realistic voiceovers.

The possibilities with Resemble are endless, and it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for developers.

For example, you could create a game that uses the voices of famous actors, or you could create a navigation system that uses the voice of a real person to guide you.

The potential for this technology is huge, and API Access is a vital part of making it accessible to developers.

Real-Time Generation

What makes Resemble AI distinct from other Ai voice creators is that it can create voices in real-time. This means that you can generate a voice and download it immediately without having to wait for the system to process it.

This is great if you need to create a voice urgently or if you want to experiment with different voices quickly.

Emotion Control

You can add an infinite number of emotions to your generated voice with Resemble AI.

This means that you can create a voice that is happy, sad, angry, or any human emotion you can think of.

The emotions are easy to adjust you can control them through the text editor.

This is a great way to add more realism to your voices and make them more lifelike.

Speech Localization

The most impressive feature is the localization of speech. You can generate a voice in any language just by recording your native voice and Resemble AI can convert it into other languages to expand your reach automatically.

The most important thing about this feature is that the generation process is fast and straightforward.

This is perfect for games, call centers, films, social media, advertising, and corporate training.

The Pros and Cons of Resemble AI:

Like any other Voices generator tool Resemble AI has its pros and cons.

Here are some of them:


  • You can create high-quality AI voiceovers without any prior experience in the field and without spending hours training your voice.
  • You can create synthetic voices in many languages.
  • You can use the software for any purpose, including commercial purposes.
  • You can create a voiceover for any length of text.
  • The software is available at a very affordable price.
  • You can create a voice-over for many styles or accents.
  • The software comes with a free trial.
  • You can use the software on any operating system.
  • You can download the audio.
  • It allows you to generate multiple samples and you can pick the best.


  • The quality of the AI voice-over is not always perfect and may sound robotic in some cases.
  • You need to have a good internet connection to use the software as it requires an online connection to work.

Resemble AI’s Use Cases

Resemble AIs Use Cases

There are many potential use cases for Resemble AI.

Here are just a few examples of what can users do with Resemble ai:


You can use Resemble to clone voices from existing call logs from dealers. Once they’ve been cloned, you may use Resemble Fill to alter statements to make sure that every call is as unique as possible.

With Resemble you can build contact center dialogue with AI-Generated Text too.


As we become more reliant on technology, it’s no surprise that smart assistants are becoming more popular. While there are many different options available, Resemble AI is a top choice for those who want a delightful AI voice generator.

It is ideal for use as a smart assistant that doesn’t sound like Alexa.


Resemble AI is a voice generator that can create AI voices for you. You can use it to create an AI voice for your character in a game, or for your robot in a movie.

You can even use it to create an AI voice for your company’s customer service line and professional voice ads that attract customers.


Resemble AI is mostly used to power custom speech for entertainment, TV, and movies.

The software is used to generate realistic, AI-generated voices for these creative projects.

The results are quite impressive, and the software could even be used to create entire TV shows.

Resemble AI Pricing

Resemble AI Pricing

Resemble Ai offers two pricing plans that will surely suit your needs.

Let’s take a look at the two plans:


  • For $0.006 per second.
  • Web-Recorded Custom Voices.
  • Unlimited team users.
  • Unlimited projects.
  • Offers up to 10 Voices.
  • English is the only language that is available in this plan.
  • 50+ Marketplace Voices.
  • It allows you to download unlimited audio.
  • API access.
  • Emotions control.


The pro plan’s pricing isn’t enclosed because it is related to your use. So you need to contact the company and tell them your needs for a quote.

However, this plan does offer more features than the basic one.

It has all the features of the basic plan, plus:

  • It is perfect for custom data, massive scale, and custom deployment needs.
  • You can upload Custom Data.
  • AI-Generated Text.
  • Speech to Speech feature.
  • Improved Emotion Control.
  • Super fast APIs.
  • It supports 24+ Languages.
  • Voice Creation API.
  • On-Premise Deployment
  • Mobile Deployment.
  • Enterprise SLAs.

Final words: Why should you try out Resemble AI?

So, If you’re looking for a delightful AI voice generator, look no further than Resemble AI. 

This wonderful tool not only generates AI voices but also offers many other features that are sure to please.

With Resemble AI, you can create realistic-sounding dialogue, add emotional effects, and even provide the speech-to-speech feature.

Best of all, Resemble AI is easy to use and doesn’t require any special skills or training. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete novice, you’ll be able to create high-quality AI voices with ease. 

So what are you waiting for?

Join Resemble AI today!

Try Resemble AI Voice Generator


Is it possible to license a voice from Resemble AI for my business?

Yes. Resemble ai provides made-up voices that may be licensed by the company. You can license the voices for a year or longer and get your brand’s voice.
More information about their fake voices may be found here.

Can I use Resemble AI to clone somebody else’s voice?

Yes, but only if the third party gives consent and is aware of the use case for their synthetic voice.
You may upload data with the Professional plan, however, it will still require approval.
You can take a look at their Ethics page for further information.

Can I clone a replica of a celebrity’s voice?

No, you can’t according to Ethics.

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