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Rephrase AI Review: Long-Form Video Content Made With Ease

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Are you looking for a way to increase your business’s conversions?

Or, do you want to build an unforgettable and exceptional relationship with your retailers and distributors but you don’t have enough time to do that?

If so, Rephrase AI is the solution for you!

Rephrase AI is an AI-based video creation tool that promises to automate the creation of personalized videos at scale.

The thought behind this tool is to make it simpler for businesses and individuals to create videos that are tailored to their audience’s needs.

While there are many video creation tools available in the market, Rephrase AI stands out with its unique capabilities of creating hyper-personalized videos.

In this Rephrase AI review, we will be discussing all the features of Rephrase AI, how it works, the weaknesses of using the tool, and whether or not it’s worth a try for your business.

So, let’s get started!

What is Rephrase AI? review review

Rephrase AI is a video creation platform that allows businesses to create hyper-local personalized videos at scale.

In other words, it can be considered a new way of marketing that uses digital avatar technology to create professional videos.

These videos are designed to be more engaging and persuasive than traditional marketing efforts, and they can result in stronger sales outcomes.

By using Rephrase AI, businesses can personalize the video content for each individual customer, which increases engagement rates and makes the message more memorable.

This also lets ads perform better because consumers will remember them more easily and be more likely to take action based on what they see.

In addition, brands can revolutionize their marketing efforts by incorporating digital avatars into their campaigns.

This way, customers will have a much easier time understanding how your product or service works and you’ll get a greater Return on Investment (ROI) for your investment.

Rephrase AI is trusted by over than 50 leading brands, some of them:

  1. Amazon
  2. NIVEA
  3. Mondelez India
  4. Microsoft
  5. and much more.

It helps them to create hyper-personalized video messages for their marketing campaigns using a digital avatar of their company brand’s ambassador.

Rephrase AI Company

Rephrase AI is a cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) company that aims to help businesses achieve their objectives more efficiently. The company’s objective is to help businesses across the world to create digital avatars and hyper-personalized videos at scale. In addition to helping them unlock hidden potential and maximize profits.

It was founded in 2019 by Ashray Malhotra(CEO), Nisheeth Lahoti, and Shivam Mangla. The startup has raised $12.5 million, and it has 6 investors including 8 VC and Red Ventures.

Rephrase AI is based in San Francisco and boasts a team of seasoned professionals with years of experience in the field.

At Rephrase AI, they believe that video is the most effective way to convey emotions, ideas, and messages. But with the current state of video editing tools, it can be a daunting task to create videos of high quality.

So, they created Rephrase AI to help businesses create hyper-personalized videos on their own terms without worrying about any technicalities involved in video editing.

Rephrase AI is here to make video creation easy and hassle-free.

In short, this means that large enterprises can rely on Rephrasse AI to make significant improvements within their marketing efforts- without having to lift a finger!

How Does Rephrase AI work?

Rephrase AI uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create digital avatars that are clones of its digital version.

Those digital avatars enable brands to send hyper-personalized video messages of brand ambassadors, brand representatives, and CXOs to millions of customers or employees in one go.

Let’s dive into how Rephrase AI works to create a digital avatar!

To create digital avatar, an individual’s face and voice are cloned to create a photorealistic digital avatar of him.

Rephrase AI tool uses cutting-edge generative AI technology to map between voice and videos. By using customizable algorithms combined with powerful machine learning capabilities, Rephrase AI can break down input video into frames and identify facial landmarks and memorize both the position and color of every triangle.

Then, it analyzes the audio into its primary features and extracts the representation of the audio. After that, the machine learning model is trained from this audio representation to create a lip-sync video.

Simply, when you write a script into Rephrase AI to create a video, it will first turn the audio into how a generic human speaks.

After that, it takes these lip movements and trains another machine-learning model to create the most accurate high-resolution lip movements.

Finally, it can automatically fill in the rest of the body.

Rephrase AI’s Use Cases

Rephrase AI is a tool that can help you automate video personalization for mass audiences. With the tool, you can create hyper-personalized videos with ease.

You can use it for rephrasing existing scripts into new content and reusing existing assets to create multiple versions of a video quickly and efficiently.

This helps save time and money while ensuring your audience gets the video they want.

The tool’s use cases are numerous including E-commerce, Real Estate, and BFSI(Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance).

Let’s take a look at some of Rephrase AI use cases:

Customer Journey

There’s no doubt that conversions are important for any business. But, increasing them across the entire customer funnel can be a daunting task.

That’s where Rephrase comes in, this technology allows you to redefine your customer journeys and drive conversions through hyper-personalized videos. This way, you can decrease the acquisition cost drop-off rates.

Plus, by using personalized video-first creatives, you can create smart nudges that will direct your customers toward the next step of the journey.

So, they’re more likely to stay engaged and convert into raving fans!

Furthermore, customers often leave your business because they don’t feel like you’re interested in them or their needs.

Rephrase AI can help reduce drop-off rates by re-engaging leads through celebrity video messages. Celebrity videos are engaging and personalized, which makes the customer feel like you care about them and want to help them achieve their goals.

This way, they’re more likely to stay engaged and convert into a customer!

Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing today is all about engaging and communicating with your audiences on a one-on-one basis. By using digital avatars, you can create campaigns that are specifically tailored to each viewer.

This way, you can build trust and relationships with your customers in a more personal way than ever before. which results in better CTRs (click-through rates).

In addition, it lets you build meaningful conversations with your customers for increased brand love and improve the efficiency of your campaigns.

This approach can be used for 360-degree campaigns, which allow you to focus on reaching the target audience from multiple platforms and channels. It also allows you to personalize the experience for each individual visitor by including their interests and preferences. This helps promoters become more engaged and promote your brand as if they were ambassadors on your behalf!

Stakeholder Communications

Stakeholder relations are an important part of running a successful business. No matter how good the product or service is, it’s hard to succeed without strong relationships with key stakeholders.

And that’s where video messages come in, they can be a powerful way to build stronger ties with these key people.

Video messaging allows you to connect with your stakeholders on a personal level. This is especially helpful when dealing with difficult conversations or issues. By taking the time to create videos that resonate well with each individual, you’ll be able to more easily establish and maintain positive relationships.

Rephrase AI is the perfect solution for converting internal messaging to personalized videos. By humanizing these messages, you can create a more personal connection with your audience and make them feel like they’re part of your team.

When it comes to event invitations and greetings, Rephrase AI is an ideal tool. With its intelligent video recognition technology, it can automatically transform any text-based message into a personalized video that captures your audience’s attention.

Features of Rephrase AI

The most significant feature of Rephrase AI is its ability to automatically transform text messages into engaging and personalized videos.

This is done through the use of intelligent video recognition technology.

This technology enables Rephrase AI to create digital avatars capable of generating long-form content.

Therefore, Rephrase AI is not only an ideal tool for creating personalized videos, but also for automating the process of video creation.

So, it can save companies a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Some other significant features of Rephrase AI, include:

  • WhatsApp Integration allows you to share your video into Whatsapp instantly.
  • CMR integration.
  • Download the video in MP4 format.

How to Get the most out of Rephrase AI?

With rephrase ai, you can create a company’s digital avatar that can be used to create any long-form video content, you can create training videos, how-to videos, Explainer videos, and much more.

All you need to do is:

  • Find the best plan for your business.
  • Create your company’s digital avatar.
  • Upload a script.
  • You will get the video instantly.

However, to get the most out of Rephrase AI, Rephrase AI also recommends to:

  • Use high-quality lighting – this will ensure your video looks professional and polished.
  • Make sure you have at least two people present during the shoot – this will help with any technical difficulties and make sure the entire process runs smoothly.

Take advantage of all the features Rephrase AI offers – from humanizing internal messaging to creating announcements, there’s a lot you can do with this tool!

What are the Benefits of Using Rephrase AI?

There are many benefits to using Rephrase Ai for marketing purposes.

  • First, it creates a more personal connection between company representatives and their target audience. This increased sense of intimacy makes customers feel like they know the representative well enough to share honest criticism or constructive suggestions.
  • Second, by creating realistic digital avatars, Rephrase AI eliminates the need for expensive human resources (i.e., graphic designers) to produce content specifically tailored for specific demographics or regions.
  • Third, by making communication easier than ever before, companies can reach a wider range of potential customers with fewer risks attached.
  • And last, digital avatars can help sway undecided consumers into taking actions such as signing up for mailing lists or visiting website pages.

So, if you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts without investing too much money or time into them, then Rephrase Ai may be just what you’re looking for!

What are the Weaknesses of Rephrase AI?

Rephrase AI is a significant tool that helps brands leverage their marketing efforts.

However, like many other ai tools, Rephrase ai has its own weaknesses:

First of all, it is not personalizable enough to suit every need. There are some areas where the user interface could be more intuitive and the design more polished.

Moreover, the total time to create an avatar is relatively long, it may take up to 20 days working days to come out with the first version but you will get fine-tuning results.

Finally, it only allows you to use one avatar per plan, and that’s not enough if you want to scale your business.

However, those weaknesses don’t take away the fact that Rephrase AI is still a very powerful tool that can help you improve your marketing efforts.

Pricing Plan for Rephrase AI

Rephrase AI offers three different pricing plans, but the prices are not disclosed. That’s because the company offers custom quotes based on your specific needs.

The three plans are:


The basic plan offers:

  • 1 Avatar.
  • 1-20K video credit.
  • 3 templates.
  • Excel Files.
  • Avatar validity is 6 months.
  • 2 variables change in any message template.
  • End-to-end messages – 5 min credit.
  • Download your video in mp4 format.


All basic plan features, plus:

  • 5 templates.
  • API Integration.
  • Avatar validity is 1 year.
  • CRM Integration.
  • WhatsApp Integration (paid).
  • CS support.
  • 3 variables change.
  • End-to-end messages – 20 min credit.
  • mp4 files/landing pages.
  • Personalized text.
  • Growth Session – 2.


All the growth plan’s features, plus:

  • 51-100K video credit.
  • 8 templates.
  • Avatar validity is recurring.
  • Priority in CS support.
  • End-to-end messages – 30 min credit
  • Growth Session – 5

Final Verdict – Is Rephrase AI Worth It?

In a nutshell, Rephrase is an AI tool that eases video production, it takes any piece of text and makes a video of any individual speaking that text.

It can be used to produce training videos, personalize videos for sales, make Avatars speak in AR(Augmented Reality)/ VR(Virtual Reality), give a face to digital assistants, and A/B testing digital ads to grow marketing ROI amongst other applications. 

So, if you want to build better relationships with your customers and boost your business, this tool can certainly help you.

Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Rephrase AI for Free?

No, unfortunately, Rephrase AI doesn’t offer a free plan.

What is the video output?

All the videos are in mp4 format.

How many videos can be created?

You can create unlimited videos.

How can I share my videos?

According to the official website, Rephrase AI allows you to share your videos through these channels:
– API Access
– WhatsApp for Business bot
– Emails
– Scan a QR code on the product/social story by brand/celebrity
– Build a microsite
– The videos can be showcased on a screen in a store
– App notifications

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